Socks Purchase Etiquette for a Confident Well-articulated Man

01 Mar

An often under looked, yet indispensable underwear for men is a pair of socks. Socks can tell so much about your personality despite the fact that they are not given enough thought and consideration during the purchase process. Just because they are a hidden undergarment when used doesn't in any way mean one shouldn't invest in high quality pair of socks. Besides, you are putting your health on the line when you put on substandard quality socks, as they can contribute to very bad odor, and end up causing sores in between your fingers. You don't want to start smelling on your feet, now do you? Here is how to buy the best socks for men. Know more about socks at

There is more to socks purchase than meets the eye. Here is a quick guide to the purchase of these undergarments. You want to buy quality, don't buy a designer name, don't buy a pair of socks because a certain fashion conscious celebrity put on a pair of socks like what you are seeing at the clothe store. The key to buying a good pair of socks lies in finding a quality pair that will keep you comfortable. On average, you will spend at least 12 hours a day holed up into a pair of socks; meaning you need a pair that will stand such long hours on your body without compromising on their color. The fabric plays an integral role and more often you will find socks in cotton, wool, silk, cashmere, or cotton blends. The most popular material for socks is cotton, simply because it guarantees a cool, light natural feel when put on, read more here!

You also want to look at the color of your pair of socks that you wish to invest in. this is arguably the most important factor of consideration because it will mean getting the overall outlook of your dress code for the day. You should invest in a pair of socks that will seamlessly and effortlessly complement your outfit, creating a harmonious flow and not simply looking out of place. For smart official wear, look for a pair of socks that matches your pair of trousers, but not the exact same shade. Vibrant and bold colors on the other hand should be reserved for casual and smart casual wear where you can contrast to create a relaxed, less formal look. . Good pair of socks will without a shadow complete that package of a well composed, well-articulated and self-confident man who scales up the corporate ladder, builds a career, or creates a business. It is not just about buying a pair of socks that are highly priced, or those that look trendy bearing a designer label.

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